The Dyslexic Genius

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The Author

Loan Saraswati Truong is the founder and director of The Integral Centre for Dyslexia and Spark Foundation.

The Integral Centre for Dyslexia is the first and only centre to work with high profile and successful dyslexic entrepreneurs to date, focusing on producing results and achieving peak performance.

The Integral Centre for Dyslexia offers an innovative and revolutionary approach to dyslexia, utilising an integrated approach augmented with the latest technologies to provide you with the mind set, skills and confidence to be the best that you can be.

Loan’s book, ‘The Dyslexic Genius’ is based on over 8 years of experience working with people with dyslexia.

Loan started off working with dyslexic candidates applying for jobs in one of the top assessment centres for high flyers in central government. From there, she went on to work with dyslexic prisoners across the UK and later set up the dyslexia SPARK network in the Cabinet Office, which has now become the SPARK foundation under the umbrella of The Integral Centre for Dyslexia .

During her career, Loan has coached some of the top senior civil servants, CEOs of companies, charities, small start-up businesses and new entrepreneurs.


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